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This Passover, as we reflect on the struggles of our people long ago, let’s not forget that there are many today in our Houston Jewish community who need our help to get by month to month. No one in our community should go without food, shelter or medicine. That’s why the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston launched the Promise of Hope appeal, and we need your help to fulfil the promise. This Passover—Give Hope. 

Please take a moment to view our Passover message: CLICK HERE.



    Every year at Passover millions of Jews gather together, in homes around the world, to retell our collective history as we have done for generations. While the story we tell at our Seder tables is one of freedom, there are still so many in our community who continue to struggle. Through your generosity we can turn hardship into hope. Your gifts to the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston help mold our future and strengthen our people. This Passover we want to say thank you for giving hope to the thousands of Jews around the world who rely on us every day.   Being Jewish Matters!



      The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston cordially invites you and your guest to the annual Maimonides Society Dinner, the premier Houston Jewish doctors’ event.  It’s sure to be a lively and lighthearted night of insight, inspiration and humor. The evening features award-winning author, acclaimed authority on Judaism & ethics and humorist, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin.  The event takes place Thursday, April 24, at the Westin Galleria.

      Online registration is open. CLICK HERE.



        “The 300,000 Jews living in Ukraine are among the poorest Jews on the planet.  The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, with our partner organizations on the ground, have been there for decades to support the Ukrainian Jewish community and insure their survival during difficult and challenging times. We need your help to help them!” Read More of Lee’s letter to the Houston Jewish community.
        CLICK HERE.