Our Staff

President & CEO

Renée Wizig-Barrios

Renée Wizig-Barrios is President & CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston.

A native Houstonian, Wizig-Barrios comes to the Federation after more than two and a half decades rising through leadership positions in Texas nonprofits. For the past 11 years, she has served as the Senior Vice President & Chief Philanthropy Officer for the Greater Houston Community Foundation (GHCF). There, she led a fundamental shift in the organization’s approach to its work and focused on moving from being an effective transactional platform for Donor Advised Funds to becoming a true hub for philanthropy that benefits both donors and the Greater Houston community.

Email Renée 713-729-7000 x 303

Senior Management

Taryn Baranowski Chief Marketing Officer Email Taryn 713-729-7000 x 307
Roberta Herman Dietrich Executive Director, Houston Jewish Community Foundation Email Roberta 346-699-HJCF (4523)
Suzanne Jacobson Senior VP - Legacy and Major Gifts Email Suzanne 713-729-7000 x 312
Jessica Segal Chief Strategy and Planning Officer Email Jessica 713-729-7000 x 331
Boris Siperstein Chief Financial and Operating Officer Email Boris 713-729-7000 x 306
Karyn Ullman Chief Philanthropy Officer Email Karyn 713-729-7000 x 305

Our Staff

Harel Bassan Shaliach Email Harel 713-729-7000
Cameron Dodd Database and Systems Architect Email Cameron 713-729-7000 x 334
Barbara Eisenbaum Graphics Communications Manager Email Barbara 713-729-7000 x 344
Emily Feinstein Engagement Associate Email Emily 713-729-7000 x 340
Natalie Ferguson Communications Manager Email Natalie 713-729-7000 x 361
Elyse Freed Communications Manager Email Elyse 713-729-7000 x 337
Jennifer Friedberg Communications Manager Email Jennifer 713-729-7000 x 360
Liz Garza Administrative Assistant Email Liz 713-729-7000 x 309
Kim Gowen Executive Assistant Email Kim 713-729-7000 x 304
Pam Griggs Receptionist Email Pam 713-729-7000 x 301
Grady Hughes Database Analyst Email Grady 713-729-7000 x 339
Hilary Kamin Community Engagement Director Email Hilary 713-729-7000 x 346
Dora Klaff Events Manager Email Dora 713-729-7000 x 314
Lisa Klein Managing Director, Jewish Education Email Lisa 713-729-7000 x 330
Stephanie Marshall Jewish Education Manager Email Stephanie 713-729-7000 x 310
Marna Meyer Community Events and Israel Engagement Director Email Marna 713-729-7000 x 329
Mari O'Leary Engagement Associate Email Mari 713-729-7000 x 323
Julie Roberts Director of Women's Philanthropy Email Julie 713-729-7000 x 316
Ari Rosen Director of Philanthropy, Annual Campaign Email Ari 713-729-7000 x 313
Sara Sandhaus Planning and Allocations Manager Email Sara 713-729-7000 x 338
Melina Soroka Donor Relations Manager Email Melina 713-729-7000 x 315
Al Tribble Community Security Director, Houston Email Al 773.312.3884

Houston Jewish Community Foundation Staff

Roberta Herman Dietrich Executive Director, Houston Jewish Community Foundation Email Roberta 346-699-HJCF (4523)
Hina Ali HJCF Finance Associate Email Hina 346-699-HJCF (4523)
Cindy Anapolsky HJCF Senior Director of Charitable Planning Email Cindy 346-699-HJCF (4523)
Alisha Klapholz Donor Services Associate Email Alisha 346-699-HJCF (4523)
Renu Roy HJCF Director of Special Projects Email Renu 346-699-HJCF (4523)
Paul Weaver HJCF Chief Financial Officer Email Paul (346) 699-HJCF (4523)