Zikaron BaSalon - Memories in the Living Room

Wednesday, April 11

Doors open at 6:45 pm

program begins at 7:00 pm (ends at 9:00 pm)

10 different locations around the city


Zikaron BaSalon is an annual event, which takes place on Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day. Zikaron BaSalon started in Israel, in a living room where a few friends gathered in 2010 and experienced an extraordinary and meaningful event. The idea was born from the understanding that the connection between us and the memories of the Holocaust, has significantly deteriorated. Today, the program operates in more than 50 countries around the world.


Alongside formal events, Zikaron BaSalon offers a new, meaningful and intimate way to commemorate this day and address its implications through discussions at home among family, friends and guests. It is a unique and authentic tradition of people gathering together to open their hearts to the stories of the survivors, sing, think, read, talk and most importantly- listen.


Zikaron BaSalon happens in the living room space of a home with 15-40 people. The event consists of three parts: testimony, expression part and open discussion. Light refreshments will be served.


Read more at http://www.zikaronbasalon.org/


Join us for a meaningful evening of Zikaron BaSalon in Houston!


​You will be notified closer to the event of your assigned location.

Online registration has closed. Questions? Contact Herut Gez at 713.729.7000. 

For college students, who wants to take part in the Hillel living room, please contact

Nofar Salman at Nofar@houstonhillel.org.


​For teens who want to take part in the Kehillah HIgh's living room, please contact

Miki Plotkin at Mplotkin@erjcchouston.

YAD Event Chair: Scott Friedman

YAD Community Vice Chairs: Danielle Alexander and Harris Benson

Holocaust Museum Chairs: Ben Proler and Carolyn Whiteman

ADL Chairs: Niki Lessig

IAC Chair: Michael Schwartzman