The Federation’s Commercial Real Estate Society is a networking and philanthropic group of Jewish professionals in the commercial real estate and affiliated industries.  Our goal is to create networking and business development opportunities and to raise money to support the Federation and the Jewish community.

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Our group includes employees of multifamily complexes, tenant representatives, developers and industries like insurance, brokers, appraisers, suppliers, developers, financial lenders, attorneys, and more.  The CRES meets three times annually featuring two breakfasts with local speakers and a fundraising dinner with a national speaker. 


We strive to bring members informative and interesting speakers and potential mentorship opportunities with each event. Attendance at our breakfasts is usually around 150 people and the dinner hosts about 375. 


Past speakers include former Houston Mayor Annise Parker; Ric Campo, Chairman and CEO of Camden Properties and the Super Bowl LI Host Committee; Dr. Robert Robbins, CEO of the Medical Center; Phyllis Saathoff of the Port Authority of Houston; Ed Wulfe, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Wulfe & Co Inc.; Gerald Hines, Founder and Chairman of Hines; Ron Ratner, EVP of Development of Forest City Realty Trust, Howard Lutnick, Chairman and CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, Mayor Sylvester Turner, City of Houston and Adam Braun, Founder of Pencils of Promise.


Society membership requires each person to make an annual donation of $1000 to our Annual Campaign. Members 35 and under are required to make an annual donation of only $500.

Honorary Chairs

Stanford Alexander
Ted Dinerstein z"l
Ed Wulfe

Society Chairs

Ed Schreiber
Aaron Swerdlin

Founding Chairs

Kenneth Katz
Jack Polatsek

Steering Committee

David Aaronson
Kevin Alexander
Josh Aruh
Denis Braham
Martin Bronstein
Jared Dubin
David Ebro
Tom Fish

Shawn Golan
Uri Ghelman
Elliott Hirshfeld
David Husid
Sue Jacobson
Kenneth Katz
Noah Kruger
David Littwitz

Alex Messing
Lolly Friedman Miller
David Mincberg
Yakov Polatsek
Matthew Putterman
Steve Radom
Jonathan Saikin
Ed Schreiber

Rima Soroka
Aaron Swerdlin
Sandy Weiner
Randy Wile
Marni Zarin

Society Members

Martin Aaron
David Aaronson
Drew Alexander
Kevin Alexander
Stanford Alexander
Mark Arnold
Don Aron
Sandy Aron
Josh Aruh
Gilbert Baker
Reuben Bar Yadin
Julie Barry
Eric Barvin
Josh Benporat
Scott Bernstein
Nelson Block
Stephen Block
Gary Blumberg
Denis Braham
Melissa Brams
Dan Braun
Gabriel Braun
Stephen Brochstein
Tyler Brochstein
Don Brodsky
Martin Bronstein
Matthew Bronstein
Barry Brown
Bruce Coane
Eric Cohen
Brad Cross
David David
Kate Davis
Lance Davis
Noah Davis
Ross Davis
Scott Davis
Jack Dinerstein
Melvin Dow
Jared Dubin
Emily Durham
David Ebro
Jordan Emmott
Jonathan Enav
Ryan Epstein
Ellen Estes
Daniel Fein
Martin Fein
Peter Feinberg
Stewart Feldman
Tom Fish
Ronnie Fleischer
James Frankel
Buster Freedman
Doug Freedman
Ken Freedman
Seth Freedman
Thomas Friedlander
Kenny Friedman
Leonard Friedman

Reid Friedman
Jackie Furash
Joni Gaylor
Daniel Gerber
David Gerber
David Gerger
Elliot Gerstenhaber
Uri Ghelman
Jeffrey Gilbert
John Gilbert
Gary Glesby
Shawn Golan
Adam Goldman
Daniel Gordon
Scott Gordon
Noel Graubart
Gary Greenberg
Marc Grossberg
Rick Guttman
John Hammond
Jay Harberg, Jr.
Ronald Hecht
Albert Hiller
Elliott Hirshfeld
Ralph Howard
Charles Hurwitz
David Husid
Charles Hurwitz
Peter Jacob
Josh Jacobs
Sue Jacobson
Patti Joiner
Jonathan Kagan
Lawrence Kagan
Barry Kahn
Brian Kapiloff
Jay Kaplan
Richard Kaplan
Lewis Kasner
Marc Kasner
Kenneth Katz
Marvin Katz
Mark Kaufman
Jenna Klein
Joseph Kornfeld
Bobby Lapin
Jack Lapin
Joel Laser
Daniel Lavin
Joshua Lebar
Jack Lee
Steven Lerner
Lawrence Levinson
Bruce Levy
Mitch Levy
Stanley Levy
Barry Lewis
Gary Lewis
Gregory Lewis
Kenneth Lewis

Justin Lim
Arnold Lipp
John Littman
David Littwitz
Glenn R. Lowenstein
Paul Lynn
Kenneth Margolis
Clarence Mayer
Binyomin Medetsky
Bruce Merwin
Alex Messing
Alfred Meyerson
Benjamin Miller
Scott Miller
David Mincberg
Ira Mitzner
Michael Morgan
William Morgan
Mark Mucasey
Zev Munk
Yaakov Nagel
Jonah Nathan
Jonathan Paine
Stephen Paine
Aaron Polatsek
David Polatsek
Jack Polatsek
Irving Pozmantier
Jason Presley
Joe Pryzant
Barry Putterman
Matthew Putterman
Perry Radoff
Holly Radom
Steve Radom
Brad Rauch
Adam Raffle
Robin Reed
Joe Rice
Stephen Rocher
Zak Rosenberg
Gary Rosenthal
Louis Rosenthal
Michael Rubenstein
Scott Rubenstein
Jon Saikin
Eric Samet
Jason Schlanger
Kimberly Schlanger
Lee Schlanger
Edward Schreiber
Peter Selber
Emily Durham Sewell
Marc Shapiro
Joseph Siff
Louis Silver
Sanford Slobin
Jake Slosburg
Larry Smith
Rima Soroka

Jonathan Spindler
Matthew Springer
Brandon Stein
Rick Stein
Irving Stern
Aaron Swerdlin
Avi Tessler
Josh Tillis
Daniel Trachtenberg
Jeffrey Tucker
Scott Van Nostrad
Richard Vane
Paul Wallace
Jonathan Wasserberg
Conrad Weil
Andy Weiner
David Weiner
Sandy Weiner
Randy Wile
Tom Wilkinson
Joe Williams
Jerry Winograd
Marc Winograd
Scott Wizig
David Wolff
Hunter Wright
Ed Wulfe
Shira Yoshor
Segev Zadok
Marni Zarin
Marvin Zindler
Rafi Zitvar
Eleanor Zuber

This list is current as of March 2019.

To join CRES,
contact Samantha Wallace at
or 713.729.7000 x328.

For sponsorship opportunities,
contact Cindy Kaplan at
or 713.729.7000 x313.