Spreading Messages of Support

Many of you have asked, “What can I do?” “What can my kids do?” You and your children can help spread messages of love and support through messages and artwork to military on the ground in Israel and to Israeli children. There are coloring pages below you can download. You can even use the same picture to send to the soldiers and children. Just upload to each link.

Sending Hugs for Soldiers in Israel

Soldier after soldier are saying that messages of support from the Diaspora, especially from the children, are lifting them up like nothing else. It reminds them in the deepest way that they are not just fighting for their country, but for the Jewish people.

Get your kids, get their friends and make drawings and notes for the soldiers. You can even download one of the coloring pages below. Upload them to the link and we will get them to our contact in Israel who will make sure they are printed and given to IDF soldiers. Adults, feel free to write a note.

Sending Hugs to Israeli Children

Show Israeli children love and support. We invite students to create their expressions of love and support to an Israeli child in a letter, picture or video message. We need messages for all ages – young children to teens. We will send all of this digitally and invite your students or you to upload their creations to the link below.

Start anytime and keep them coming. We want to send regularly so encourage your students to create and keep creating – there will never be too many!!! We also would love your contacts of teachers in Israel who would like to receive these messages for their students. Add teacher names, emails, name of school and grade(s) taught HERE and we will send the love of Houston to Israel!!!!