Dr. Edith Eger, Author of The Choice: Embracing the Possible

April 01, 2021 6:00PM - 7:00PM

Beth Yeshurun and the Beth Yeshurun Sisterhood are honored to welcome Dr. Edith Eva Eger, author of The Choice: Embracing the Possible. Her book is a powerful, moving memoir – and a practical guide to healing. Dr. Eger is an eminent psychologist whose own experiences as a Holocaust survivor help her treat patients and allow them to escape the prisons of their own minds.

The Choice weaves Eger’s personal story with case studies from her work as a psychologist. Her patients and their stories illustrate different phases of healing and show how people can choose to escape the prisons they construct in their minds and find freedom, regardless of circumstance. Eger’s story is an inspiration for everyone. And her message is powerful and important: “Your pain matters and is worth healing: You can choose to be joyful and free.” She is 89 years old and still dancing.