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Welcome to the Houston Jewish Community!

Our Jewish community takes its lead from the values and vision of our Biblical ancestors, Abraham and Sarah. Their tent was open on four sides to welcome all who approached. Today in Houston, there is room under our big tent for you!


We seek to welcome, reach and serve everyone interested in finding Jewish meaning and community, including those from interfaith households, the unaffiliated, young adults and families. Our Jewish Federation funds and is connected with all things Jewish in Houston. Contact us and we will direct you to a program that fits your needs.


    Being in a new city can be overwhelming. It can also be a great opportunity to make new connections and find a spiritual home. Synagogues throughout the greater Houston area are here to welcome you! To get connected and find a new synagogue,


    We will help you connect with our Jewish community and its inclusive and meaningful programs. If you’d like more information on how to get involved and where you'll fit in,


    We want to meet you and share our southern hospitality! Let’s get together and get to know each other over a cup of coffee or tea … our treat!