Sunday, February 20th, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Teaching in the Covid Era





Teachers have been carrying a heavy load for the last few years that goes way beyond just being a teacher. From moving to online learning, navigating new challenges with teaching and learning, and supporting students social and emotional needs, teachers have been the rock to hold everything together as front line workers. This session will recognize the challenges teachers continue to face and will provide tools to boost morale, provide some self-care and empower teachers to face whatever is to come with confidence and strength.

Dr. Betsy Stone


Dr. Betsy Stone, a Yale-educated Psychologist, is an engaging speaker whose topics of interest include Teens and their Brains; Gen-Xers as Parents; Trauma in Your Body and Your Brain; Post-Traumatic Growth; Psychological Adaptation to Retirement; Spirituality and many others. Dr. Stone is a retired Clinical Psychologist, with experience teaching in synagogue schools, at Hebrew Union College since 2002, and to groups of educators, Rabbis and parents. She delivers interactive seminars, webinars and talks, with an emphasis on relatable and usable information. Dr. Stone leads discussions and talks that are tailored to her audience, and makes meaningful connections with listeners.