8th Annual Bagel Ball

Sunday, December 24

AURA , 4701 Nett Street


Doors open at 9:30 PM


This year YAD is partnering with Ethan Melloul to continue with the tradition of a really fun night with young Jewish people in spirit of the holidays!

In support of Israel, dress to impress in BLUE and WHITE (there is a dress code to get into the venue).

We will have Houston's local DJ talent Jaime Harvey and a special Jewish DJ from the East Coast, Bryan Lubliner! Bryan has played various events in New York, Miami, Mexico, and has also played several Groove Cruises! It's going to be VERY high energy so be ready to dance the night away!


The event is FREE, however, you MUST be there before 11:30 PM, and you must RSVP or have a ticket given out by several YP events.

Without an RSVP or ticket, the cover charge will be $10 before 11:30 and $15 afterwards.

You can RSVP here.


Additionally, when you RSVP, you will be entered into a raffle for a change to win a free $500 table at Aura for you and your friends (2 winners) or a 64gb Apple-TV.


Questions? Contact Sara at ssandhaus@houstonjewish.org