Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
5603 S. Braeswood Blvd.
Houston, TX 77096-3907
Phone: 713.729.7000

For media inquiries, please contact Taryn Baranowski.


Barbara Eisenbaum: Graphics Communications Manager x344
Cindy Kaplan: Philanthropic Officer x313
Dora Klaff: Events Manager x314
Elaine Kellerman: VP of Education x310
Elizabeth Garza: Administrative Assistant, Jewish Education x309
Elyse Freed: Communications Manager x337
Galia Weber: YAD Associate x319
Grady Hughes: Database Analyst x325
Hadas Levy: Shlicha x323
Hilary Kamin: Community Engagement Director x346
Jennifer Friedberg: Communications Manager x360
Jessica Segal: Chief Strategy and Planning Officer x331
Jill Kaplan: Director of Jerome Robinson Family Young Adult Division x335
John Paul Chavez: Donor Base Associate x324
Julie Most: Administrative Assistant x320
Kari Dunn Saratovsky: President & Ceo x303
Linda Edwards: Administrative Assistant x312
Lisa Klein: Managing Director of Jewish Education x330
Marna Meyer: Israel Engagement and Youth Services Director x329
Misi Schlueter: Director of Talent and Special Projects x305
Pam Griggs: Receptionist x0
Pamela Kutner: Chief Financial and Operations Officer x315
Rina Trakhtenberg : Executive Assistant to the CEO x304
Sacha Bodner: Director of Social Action x308
Samantha Wallace: Director of FRD (Financial Resource Development) x328
Sara Sandhaus: Planning & Allocations Manager x338
Scott Happel: Back Office Administrator x341
Suzanne Jacobson: Senior VP of Legacy and Major Gifts x311
Taryn Baranowski: Chief Marketing Officer x307
Terri Campbell: Controller x316

Houston Jewish Community Foundation
Contact Us: 713.729.7000

Barbara Curtis: Administrative Assistant x322
Cindy Anapolsky: Development Coordinator x343
Linda Uzick: Assistant Director, Donor Services x332
Paul Weaver: Senior Finance Associate  x326
Renu Roy: Finance Associate x317
Roberta Herman Dietrich: Executive Director of Houston Jewish Community Foundation  x327