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YAD Playdate for 8


Sunday, February 25 at various parks around Houston at 3 pm.


Playdate for 8 (Party of 8 with a twist) is a new program for young families to meet in a small and intimate setting. Groups will range from sitting, crawling, walking or talking. We will pair you with 7 other families to meet at a park for a group playdate!

YAD Young Family Chairs: Sandra Bernstein and Tovi Leibovitz

YAD Chair: Shawn Golan

YAD Vice-Chair: Kacie Penn

Social Co-Chairs: Lila Chanin and Jonathan Rosenberg

Community Outreach Co-Chairs: Danielle Alexander and Harris Benson

Business Networking Chair: Alex Brown

Campaign Co-Chairs: Rachel Strauss and Sam Stein


Immediate Past Chairs: Marc Eichenbaum and Levi Strauss Past Chairs: Neil Kogut, Erica Robinson, Jackelyn and Zach Silverman


YAD Steering Committee: Kian Azimpoor, Daniel and Kaori Barvin, Jenny Croft, Scott Friedman, Danny Gutman, Jacob Hertzig, Daniel Kasoff, Aaron Lipman, Zach Oltman, Wendi Reichstein, Erica Rose, Tatiana Stein, Mari Taksa, Rachel Warfield and Stephen Uzick


YAD Director: Sara Sandhaus


Contact Sara at ssandhaus@houstonjewish.org.