Sunday, February 20th, 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Words to Action: Confronting Antisemitism



Words to Action empowers participants to better understand and deal with antisemitism. This is a highly interactive workshop, providing real-life examples and proven ways to respond to them, in order to constructively confront all forms of prejudice and hate.


Lisa Stone


Lisa Stone was born and raised in Houston, then moved up east for undergrad and grad work at Yale. She has been a Jewish educator for 51 years, while also sometimes using her Masters in Public Health to work at MD Anderson Cancer Center. She’s been the Goldensohn Fellow in the ADL’s Southwest Region for almost 5 years, providing workshops on how to deal with antisemitism and all forms of prejudice and hate. She also teaches in Kehillah High and Beth Israel’s Miriam Browning Jewish Learning Center, and co-chairs Beth Israel’s Social Justice Committee.