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YEDA is just one of many programs we support to fund what matters most in the lives of
Jewish families here and in Israel. The schools, located in Northern Haifa, are inspired by
Houston’s KIPP: Knowledge Is Power Program. YEDA believes that their students’
demography should not determine their destiny. The Jewish Federation of Greater
Houston has committed to fund YEDA with $250,000 over 5 years.


The power of YEDA schools are spreading! At the start of school in 2016, YEDA Petach Tikvah welcomed 64 kids into 1st grade. Those children were divided into three classes. This was an incredible increase compared to 2015 when the school had only one class with 17 students.


  • Families and students commit to choose YEDA
  • YEDA students are from families whose incomes put them in the bottom 20% of all families in Israel.
  • YEDA’s goals include: average daily attendance of 98%; above average scores on standardized tests; dropout rate below 5%; acceptance into IDF significant service, elite unit and officer-training for 25% of graduates; college or university acceptance for 80%+ of graduates.
  • YEDA students spend more time in the classroom. On average, students spend 44 hours over 6 days every week, compared to 29 hours in other Israeli schools. They have shortened holidays during the school year and their school year continues through July.
  • Teachers are held to higher expectations. They are responsible and accountable for every student to learn and grow, not just some students.
  • In addition to traditional standardized tests, the school is being assessed and measured by a team from Haifa University.

The gap in education between wealthy and poor in Israel

YEDA’s Pillars are inspired by Houston’s KIPP schools.

Education chair, Sandra Finkelman, spends time with YEDA students on the 2015 Federation Mission trip to Israel.


Demography Defines Destiny



Article by Joshua Zoia, One World Team Member and Former Superintendent of KIPP NYC, discusses lessons learned from 20 years of growth of KIPP from two schools to 183 schools and applying those lessons for grown of Israeli YEDA schools. http://t1wns.org/building-the-ecosystemthe-key-to-successful-scaling

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