Sydney Rubenstein and David Jerade’s Mitzvah Project

Helping Ukrainian Kids Feel Safer and Loved

“We recently discovered an incredible therapy program administered by the JDC – the “Habuki Project” – that uses a specially-designed stuffed animal to help soothe traumatized children who live in war zones.  The stuffed animals are dogs called “habukis,” which is the Hebrew word for hugs.  The habukis have very long arms and velcro paws, so they can continually hug a child the way that a Koala hugs its little Joey.

When we first saw one of the habukis, we couldn’t understand why it had a sad face.  Psychologists have discovered that children who are struggling emotionally gain great strength by focussing on soothing the sad puppy, rather than on their own personal problems.

We would be so grateful for every single gift.”

Habuki Hugs,

Sydney & David