“I became part of a new generation of philanthropists and you’ll make a difference in our community locally and globally.”


“The Pearl Society makes me feel a Jewish connection beyond my family. “

The Pearl Society has a distinguished and unique look with a custom-designed silver hamsa Pendant by ElyseRyan Jewelry. On the front: a silver hamsa with a fresh water pearl set in the metal. On the back: the Hebrew letter pey representing the Hebrew word p’nina meaning pearl.

As a woman’s gift continues and grows, her commitment can be distinguished with the addition of colored pearl charms to her necklace. The special pricing allows women 35 and under to start their philanthropic membership at only $180.


Pearl Society members may purchase the silver hamsa pendant and charms at an additional cost for $49 and $19 respectively.


Pearl Society Levels of Recognition:

$1000 – Gold Pearl Society /Ben Gurion Society
$500 – Black Pearl Society

Special prices for women under 35:
$365 – Blush Pearl Society

$180 – White Pearl Society