HMH – The First Wave with Alex Kershaw

June 27, 2019 6:30PM - 8:00PM

For the 75th anniversary of D-Day, renowned author Alex Kershaw will discuss his latest book, The First Wave, with a fresh take on WWII’s longest day. He will discuss some of the remarkable men who carried out D-Day’s most perilous missions.  His group of unforgettable characters includes the first American paratrooper to touch down on Normandy soil; the British glider pilot who braved antiaircraft fire to crash-land mere yards from the vital Pegasus Bridge; the Canadian brothers who led their troops onto Juno Beach under withering fire; as well as a French commando, returning to his native land, who fought to destroy German strongholds on Sword Beach and beyond.   The first to fight when the stakes were highest and the odds longest, these men would determine the fate of the invasion of Hitler’s Fortress Europe—and the very history of the twentieth century.

Alex Kershaw is an author of books on WWII including the Bedford Boys and The Longest WinterThe First Wave is the capstone in Alex Kershaw’s remarkable career, built on his close friendships with D-Day survivors and his intimate understanding of the Normandy battlefield. 

Copies of Kershaw’s new book will be on sale at our museum store on the 1st floor.  After the talk, Kershaw will be available for a book signing in the Moral Choices Hall outside the theater.