Beth Yeshurun- From Narrowness to Freedom: Letting Go of Weight Stigma and Embracing a Fuller Life with Rabbi Minna Bromberg

March 25, 2021 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Fatphobia is a form of systemic oppression: people in larger bodies face discrimination in education, employment, and healthcare. And for people of all sizes, internalized weight stigma saps us of energy that could be used in much more world-healing ways. Our Jewish lives and communities–where we are invited to bring our whole selves–are too often also places where fatphobia lurks, causing soul-deep moral injury. But there’s good news: Jewish tradition, and the Passover story in particular, can serve as a source of body liberation and inclusion for all. On Passover, we are commanded not only to re-enact the exodus from Egypt but to experience it as if we had been there ourselves. In this session, Rabbi Minna Bromberg, PhD will share her personal journey as well as her experience over three decades of activism and scholarship. We’ll learn how to confront weight stigma and free ourselves and our communities from its oppressive narrowness.