Bellaire Community Shabbaton: The Thrills and Chills of Living on the Front Lines of Jewish History With Rabbi Danny Cohen

June 28, 2024 6:45PM - 9:00PM

Danny Cohen and family live in Hebron, adjacent to the “cave of the patriarchs”. Danny will share heartwarming and inspiring stories from his unique firsthand experience serving as director of Chabad in Hebron, under the threat of terror, for 22 years. Danny made Aliya from the USA with his family, as a young child, and grew up in Psagot, not far from Ramallah. He achieved the rank of sergeant in the IDF, and remains active in the reserves as a combat soldier and has been on service duty since October 7. Danny and his wife Batsheva regularly host hundreds of IDF soldiers for Shabbat dinners. Join us for this uplifting Shabbat, commemorating the leadership and 30th yahrtzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, on the third of Tammuz.