Eileen Elfezouaty

Irving L. Samuels Outstanding Teacher Awards for Judaic Studies

Eileen Elfezouaty was born in Chicago, Illinois.  She went to the University of Illinois and graduated with a BS in Human Factors Engineering. After she graduated from college, she then worked as a Research Scientist at Honeywell, as well as with MD Anderson Cancer Center. She then earned a position with Lockheed Martin at NASA, after leaving Honeywell.

She became interested in teaching after talking with her friends that were teachers. She then started training in and learning the Montessori Method.  She completed the degree while she had three young children at home, at ages seven, four, and one. All while she was working full time as a teacher at Goldberg Montessori School.  She has been teaching for 16 years in both Chicago and Houston.  She has taught using the Montessori approach, the Traditional approach, a combination of both, and many different styles in between. She is currently teaching 6th graders at the Emery/Weiner School. She loves learning Torah with her students and being able to discuss Judaism with children from many different backgrounds. She loves teaching Judaics and is so honored to receive this award.