8 2018

Temple Sinai World Wisdom Workshop

9:15AM - 10:30AM  

Temple Sinai
This is a series of classes open to all people and all religions 13875 Brimhurst Dr
Youth Lounge
Houston, TX 77077
2814965950 admin@temple-sinai.org

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World Wisdom Workshop with Marla Hansel -- We are looking for open minded people who would like to discuss and learn how the religions of the world see perennial wisdom. How will we do this? We will use the World Wisdom Bible which gathers the teachings of the World’s religions by topic. We are NOT advocating that anyone change their religion; we are saying that other religions contain wisdom that a person may miss by focusing solely on their own religion. Each topic will be discussed in an informal gathering over coffee or tea. This workshop is open to all open minded people regardless of their religion. If you know of someone belonging to another religion who would be interested in this workshop please pass on the information and invite them to come. The class starts Sunday, January 21 and will follow the school calendar until April 22, 2018. We will meet from 9:15 – 10:30 am in the youth lounge.