Ariel Rozen

Harold Reingold Yavneh Award for Jewish Educators

Ariel Rozen is a professional Jewish educator in Houston, Texas.  With an extensive history in Jewish education, Ariel currently serves as the Jewish Studies Principal and Admissions Advisor at the Beth Yeshurun Day School.  She leads the school’s mission in Judaics and Hebrew bringing a fresh new approach and sharing her love of Judaism and Israel to the Beth Yeshurun Day School community.


Ariel has embraced her love for Judaism and Israel with a long tenure in Jewish education stemming back to her days as a camp counselor and unit head.  She graduated from McGill University with an undergraduate degree in Jewish Studies and German along with a second degree in education.  Ariel continued her education with a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Touro University.  Ariel has received many awards and certifications over her years in education such as a Covenant Foundation fellowship and a fellowship in American Jewish History; Most recently, she has been awarded the Harold Reingold Yavneh Award for Jewish Educators.  Her love of Judaism and Jewish education permeates her professional and personal life.  She is a role model to her colleagues, students and the families in the school community.  Ariel has led the Jewish Life component of Beth Yeshurun Day School for over a decade as a classroom teacher, mentor, and administrator. In her role as an outstanding Jewish administrator and educator, she has brought innovative programming to the school including Pesach experiences, Yom Ha’Atzmaut interactive centers, and a myriad of student-led chesed projects.


When not in school, Ariel spends time with her husband of almost 19 years and their three children, Benjamin, Sara and Maya, all graduates of Beth Yeshurun Day School.  She enjoys relaxing on the beach, traveling and reading.