Resources and Tools for Addressing Antisemitism

Resources and Tools for Addressing Antisemitism

Right now, young people are trying to navigate the world as anti-Israel and sometimes antisemitic protests on college campuses are increasing, forcing classes and finals online and canceling graduations at universities across the country. This activity is now taking place at high schools as well.

At the heart of Jewish Federation of Greater Houston’s work, we prioritize our community’s physical and psychological safety and protect Jewish life in Houston, Israel, and around the world. We fight antisemitism through security trainings and safety consultations, through teen programming, through advocacy at the state and local levels, through educational trips, presentations, and conversations, and by working with our local and national agency partners. Many parents have reached out to learn more about how to support their own student-aged children, and we wanted to provide the following resources:


To Report an Incident:


Local Houston Community Organizations




Holocaust Museum Houston –


For Parents and Administrators:

The National Association of School Psychologists: Responding to civil unrest in schools

The National Association of School Psychologists: School Safety and Crisis: Mental Health Resources

The National Association of School Psychologists: Supporting Youth Affected by Violence in the Middle East

Psychology Today: Can Empathy Heal Democracy?

Unpacked for Educators (or parents): Understanding the War


For Students:

Unpacked/Open Dor Media Project: A guide to understanding the war for students

Unpacked: The Anti-Israel College Protests Explained


Holocaust Museum Houston – Contact

AJC – Contact

ADL – Contact

Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston – Contact

  • The Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships Department of Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston is pleased to present “Welcome to Our House” educational videos that showcase common elements of houses of worship in different faiths. The series is sponsored by The Eleanor and Frank Freed Foundation with additional support from Debbie and Floyd Kearns. These videos explore the common elements of the diverse houses of worship right here in Greater Houston. We hope these videos serve as a valuable resource for student, corporate, community, and faith groups and individuals of all backgrounds seeking to better understand our faith and culture: