Join us as we chronicle this year's 2018 FRD Leadership mission as leaders from across our U.S. Federations travel to Berlin and Budapest! We'll have daily updates, photos, and more showing the journey our group will take on. 

Learning from our Past to Improve our Future

Berlin and Budapest are home to some of the most vibrant and complex Jewish communities in the world. With their profound histories and unique cultures, these two European cities serve as examples of strength, renewal, and energy. Travel with us as we look back in time – in order to move forward. Witness the influence that our staff members and partner agencies have on the lives of Jews throughout Europe, and experience the impact of both history and Federation.


July 15th


The FRD Leadership Mission today included a kippah walk where participants wore kippahs and walked for an hour and a half through the city. The demonstration was to show support of Jewish community against anti-Semitic words and actions.

It was a powerful and moving experience and we saw the Berlin Wall, the Trains to Life monument (which shows the vastly different paths children took on trains during the Holocaust) and the oldest synagogue in Berlin.